User agreement from 12.02.2018

1. General provisions. (hereinafter – ECU Design) offers users the possibility to use its services on conditions this user agreement (hereinafter – agreement). This agreement shall enter into force with explicit consent of the user to its terms.
ECU Design offers users access to a file service, including downloading, analyzing, and modifying files. All currently available services, as well as their development and/or addition of new services, are the subject of the present agreements.
The use of ECU Design services is governed by this agreement and privacy-policy. ECU Design can bring changes to this agreement without prior notice, and a revised version of this agreement shall enter into force after publication on the internet at the address specified in this paragraph, unless otherwise specified in the revised version of this agreement. The current version of this user agreement is always available at user-agreement.
Starting the use of any services, it is deemed that the user has fully accepted the terms of this agreement and privacy-policy without any restrictions or exceptions. If you do not agree to any provisions of this agreement, the user must not use the ECU Design service. If ECU Design makes any changes to this agreement, to which the user does not agree, the user ceases to use any ECU Design services.
Our product is a service for processing a user file, which is downloaded into a special form by the user and processed on our server. Services can be accessed exclusively online through the website. Services can have no limit quantity and are subject to return or exchange only in accordance with our return policy.
2. Use of file service.
To use the ECU Design file service, the user must provide the valid and complete information requested in the to form of execution of the order. If the user provides incorrect information or ECU Design has reason to believe that any information provided by the user is incomplete or invalid, ECU Design may the discretion to deny the user any services.
When user start using ECU Design services, he must understand what services ecudesig offers. The user agrees that all services are described in a language that he understands and not misleading. The user agrees that he understands all abbreviations, abriviatures, technical terms and other specific lexicon used on the website and on the service provision page.
ECU Design reserves the right at any time to require the user to verify the information provided at ordering, and requesting supporting documents. Failure to provide these documents may, at the discretion of ECU Design, to be considered as provision of false information and to result in refusal to provide any services. In case the user information specified in the documents provided to them does not correspond to information provided at checkout, or if the information provided at checkout is not allows to identify the user, ECU Design reserves the right to refuse the user to provide any services.
Any personal information of the user, stored and processed by ECU Design in accordance with the privacy-policy.
At checkout, the user must provide a valid email address to which the payment invoice and payment details will be sent.
File processing only starts after full prepayment.
ECU Design can contact the customer to refine the order data and tasks. Customer is obliged to respond to e-mails from in a timely manner.
File processing time depends on the complexity of the order and can be discussed with the user via email:, both after payment of the order and before payment of the order, but may not exceed 3 (three) days.
The prices specified in the order form are up to date at the time of the order for the ordering user.
All prices on the ECU Design website are presented in euros.
The User is responsible to third parties for any activity related to the use of the service ECU Design, including any actions that result in infringement of the rights and legitimate interests of third parties, as well as compliance with laws when using the ECU Design service.
ECU Design may impose restrictions on the use of file service for all users or certain categories of users, including: unavailability of certain service functions, tasks, maximum number of tasks in Order, maximum file size, maximum number of service usage per period user.
ECU Design can prohibit automatic requests to its servers, as well as stop accepting any automatically generated information.
ECU Design can send informational messages to its users.
3. The user is prohibited from.
-send correspondence to third parties with the administration of ECU Design.
-reproduce, duplicate or copy, sell, resell or use for any commercial purpose any parts of the ECU Design web site (including content available to the user via a file service).
-usage the service for any illegal purposes.
-impair the rights of third parties and/or cause harm in any way.
-impersonate to any other person or representative of the organization and/or community without permission to do so.
-provide assistance in violation of any restrictions and prohibitions imposed by this agreement.
-require others to use the website in any illegal actions.
-violate any international, federal, provincial or state rules, regulations, laws or local resolutions.
-violate our intellectual property rights or intellectual property rights of others.
-to follow, insult, harm, defame, slander, humiliate, intimidate or discriminate on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, age, national origin or disability.
-provide false or misleading information.
-publicly discussing the actions of the ECU Design administration.
-load or transmit viruses or any other type of malicious code that may affect the functionality or operation of the website.
-collect or track the personal information of others.
-to dispatch spam.
-to use the website for any obscene or immoral purposes.
-to bypass the security features of the web site.
4. User content.
The user is responsible for the compliance of any posted content in accordance with applicable legal requirements, including liability to third parties, if the publication of any content by the user violates the rights and legitimate interests of third parties, including non-property, authors rights, any other intellectual property rights of third parties and/or violations of other intangible assets.
The user acknowledges and agrees that ECU Design may use the content uploaded by the user at its discretion.
5. Exclusive rights to services and content.
Any objects accessible through ECU Design services, including design elements, files, text, graphics, illustrations, videos, software, databases and other objects, as well as any content published in ECU Design services, are the exclusive property of ECU Design.
6. Disclaimer.
The user uses ECU Design services at his own risk. Services are provided as is. ECU Design is not responsible, including for compliance services to the goals of the user.
ECU Design does not guarantee that the services meet or will meet the requirements of users, that the services will be provided without interruption, quickly, stably and without errors, that the results obtained using ECU Design services are accurate and reliable and can be used for any purpose or in any quality.
Any information and/or materials (including files, downloaded software, messages, any instructions, recommendations, etc.), that the user accesses through ECU Design services may be used by the user at his own risk. The user is responsible for any consequences of using such Information and/or materials, including any damage to the user’s computer or third parties, any damage to the vehicles of the user or third parties, or any other damage.
ECU Design is not responsible for any losses arising from the use of ECU Design services by the user.
We are not responsible if the information posted on this website is not accurate, complete or current.
The content of this website is intended for general information only and should not be used as the sole basis for decision-making without consulting primary, more accurate or more complete sources of information. The user relies on the materials of our site at his own risk. Our site may contain specific reference information. Reference information may be outdated and is for reference only.
We reserve the right to change the contents of our website at any time without notifying the user about it.
If the user has complaints about the quality of ECU Design services, he should contact support by e-mail
7. Refound policy.
The maximum time for a user to claim the quality of file processing is 14 (fourteen) days. The beginning of this period is the payment time of the order.
To submit a complaint, the user must:
-send an email to from the email address that the user used to place the order.
-provides detailed information about problems with the processed file, including a description of the problems, photos, screenshots and any other information confirming the problem. At ECU Design request, the user must provide any additional information about the problem.
The user acknowledges and agrees that ECU Design has priority right to solve the problem with the order. The user must wait until ECU Design solves the problem, or notify the user that the problem cannot be fixed.
Given all the conditions and the impossibility of solving the problem, ECU Design initiates an immediate refund. Term refund depends on the payment gateway through which the payment was made.
Refund is not possible if the user violates this user agreement.
8. Other conditions.
This agreement is an agreement between the user and ECU Design regarding the use of the services and supersedes all previous agreements between the user and ECU Design.
Nothing in this agreement shall be construed as an agency, partnership, joint venture, employment relationship or any other relationship not expressly specified in this agreement.
If, for any reason, one or more provisions of this agreement are declared null and void or not having legal effect, this shall not affect the validity or applicability of the remaining provisions of this agreement.
Failure to ECU Design actions, in case of user violation of the provisions of this agreement, does not deprive ECU Design The right to take measures to protect its interests in the future and should not be interpreted as an ECU Design waiver of its right In case of any future similar or identical violations.