ECU Design supports a large number of cars with diesel, gasoline and electric engines. Every day we add new solutions and improve existing ones.

Now the service supports the following vehicles:

Brand Model Ecu version
Abarth500Bosch ME17.3.0
Abarth595Bosch ME17.3.0
AbarthPuntoBosch ME17.3.0
Abarth500Bosch ME7.9.10
Abarth695Bosch ME7.9.10
AbarthPuntoBosch ME7.9.10
Abarth500Magneti Marelli 8GMF
AbarthPuntoMagneti Marelli 8GMF
Abarth595Magneti Marelli 8GMK
Abarth124 SpiderMagneti Marelli 8GMK
Abarth500Magneti Marelli 8GMW
Abarth500Magneti Marelli CFC 319
Abarth595Magneti Marelli CFC 319
AcuraMDXKeihin MPC55x
AcuraCSXKeihin SH705x
AcuraCSXKeihin SH705x
AcuraILXKeihin SH705x
AcuraMDXKeihin SH705x
AcuraRDXKeihin SH705x
AcuraRLKeihin SH705x
AcuraRLXKeihin SH705x
AcuraTLKeihin SH705x
AcuraTSXKeihin SH705x
AcuraZDXKeihin SH705x
AcuraILXKeihin SH72543