ECU Design offers chiptuning files for professional tuners and car workshop around the world

ECU Design development center

-Individual custom tuning:

Reliable and proven solutions for cars and trucks without making structural changes to the hardware of the car (satage1), as well as individual solutions for cars with changes in engine design and configuration (stage2 and stage3). We give full control of the engine.

-Advanced DSG, S-tronic, CVT remapping:

DSG torque limiter raising to match the engine torque output, increased speed of gear shift, smoother transition between gear changes, RPM limits and shift set points modification, launch control activation. We also work with ZF and EGS gearbox.

-MapPack creation for WinOLS:

Production of a package of maps for any ecu and any car. Detailed description of all maps, axes and limiters. Presentation of all data required for advanced vehicle customization.

-Support of projects on MegaSquirt:

Porting code MegaSquirt to any petrol ECU, this gives you an unlimited opportunity for a tuning car.

Innovative chiptuning solutions

-Custom project development:

Our experience programming on C++ will help you create any project built on the Motorola, Siemens, ST, Renesanse and others processors for any self-propelled device with an electric motor or internal combustion engine.

ECU Design chiptunig will unlock full potential of car

-Correct files for DPF/FAP removal:

We use various methods to switch off regeneration of DPF systems. With our files you will never remember about DPF.

Premium chiptuning

-Unique solutions for SCR/Adblue deactivation:

We use a switch or a combined solution to disable Adblue. Our solutions will never turn on the dashboard counter.

-EGR/AGR valve removal:

To turn off EGR valve we use different solutions for different models. As a result, EGR is switched off and doesn’t cause problems anymore. The engine will be more efficient with better fuel economy.

-Catalyst disabling:

If catalyst was removed, we can disable the second lambda, ECU maintains the correct lambda values and it will not detect low efficiency from the missing catalyst.

-Forced readines monitors:

Our solutions allow you to set the readiness flag for any monitors – “passed”, regardless of the technical condition of the car, and you will pass the emissions test in your country without any problems.

ECU Design give you complete control of engine.

-Start/Stop deactivation:

Start/Stop sometimes can be very annoying. We can turn this function off.

-DTC removal:

We can remove and turn off any diagnostic trouble code (DTC) from engine control unit that causes failures (for example “check engine” light on).

-IMMO bypass:

Disable IMMO and other security system. We also offer any security solutions for VATS (Vehicle Anti Theft System), PATS (Passive Anti Theft System), SKIM (Sentry Key Immobilizer Module).

-Maximum speed limiter deactivation:

Removing the speed limit installed at the factory.

-Deactivation Intake/Swirl flaps:

Some cars have issues with the flaps and in case the repair cost is high, we simply offer to switch it off and deactivate the flaps by disconnecting them and removing its functionality