We are glad to greet ECU Design Team

Dear friends and colleagues. We are pleased to inform you that today our team has made a decision to start developing professionally and modify the software for cars. Hobbies and enthusiasm have grown into a professional direction.

Who are we? … the members of our team are engineers and programmers who are familiar to you from thematic forums and specialized resources dedicated to chiptuning cars and software development.

Marja Ilatovskaja – @milatovskaja (Moscow) is our team’s founder and initiator, is a C++ programmer and developer. Marya disassembles vehicle’s program code, which makes it possible to create unique projects that allow you to programmatically change the configuration and characteristics of any car. Her vast experience of successful work in such companies as Siemens, AMD, Samsung, Volvo makes her best specialist in the field of software code development.

Ivan Razumovsky – @trauka (Poland) – our engineer and dynostand operator, is engaged in testing our files, processing and analyzing the received data. The knowledge and experience gained from the turbine and fuel equipment repair organization helps him coordinate our team’s efforts and make adjustments to our software solutions.

Yahr Kemerov – @svvag2000 (Thailand) was a long-term developer of Bosch concern, took part in the development of early versions of Bosch Esitronic, and was at forefront of development of new FlaxRay data bus. His accumulated experience in data analysis give an opportunity him to create amazing chiptunig files that unleash the full potential of any engine.

ECU Design Team

We do not use templates or copy solutions from other vehicles. We are fighting for purity of code in software and in automotive industry as well. In our solutions, you will not find unnecessary changes and meaningless solutions. Each of our solutions is based on a unique experience gained over many years.

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