Chiptuning Mercedes ML270 Bosch EDC15C6 with boost sensor calibration

Today we are working with Mercedes ML270 W163 running Bosch EDC15C6. In machine installed a more efficient Garrett turbine, installed 4bar boost pressure sensor. We must get the maximum power from the car. We have changed the linearization map of the boost pressure sensor. The most efficient turbine operating modes are calculated. The ratio of fuel and air supply has been changed, as well as the restrictions on boost and fuel supply have been removed. As a result of our work, the car has a boost of 3.2bar, injected fuel quantity of 105mm/stroke. Now we are working on tuning the Siemens EGS52 gearbox, after which the car will go to the dynostand to measure power.

Bosch EDC15C6 2.7CDI 3bar MAP sensor

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