Chiptuning for Bosch MD1CE101

Not so long ago, it became possible to work with control units Bosch MD1CE101 with 32-bit processor Aurix TC299, installed on Case, Claas, New Holland, Steyr and FPT Industrial. And we have already disassembled program code and gained access to main control functions of ECU.
Project is being improved and is under development, but already now we can offer our partners various options for chiptuning, changing toxicity standards, removing speed limit. We do not stop there and continue to work with software Bosch MD1CE101, at moment we are developing solutions for disabling immobilizer and resetting motor hours.

New Holland tractor

You can get all our solutions in ECU Design file service that does not require registration.

Software solutions for Bosch MG1CS011 and Bosch MG1CS111

Programmer manufacturers continue to delight us with new work opportunities, and we continue to delight our customers with new solutions in field of chiptuning. Today we are pleased to announce that we are ready to offer proven solutions for control units Bosch MG1CS011 with SPC5777 and Aurix TC298 processors and Bosch MG1CS111 with SPC5777 processor used in new VAG motors EA211 and EA888. Our developments allow you to significantly increase power and torque and achieve impressive results on dynostand.
Separately, we want to emphasize that we can offer powerful chiptuning for Bentley Continental GT with a six-liter W12 engine running a BOSCH MG1CS163 with an Aurix TC298 processor.

ECU Bosch MG1CS011

Fiat 500E Continental EVCU

In Fiat line of cars has appeared an electric car 500E with control unit Continental EVCU, and we have a proposal for chiptuning this car.
ECU Design Team have several solutions to help you achieve significant power gains and efficient use of your battery reserve. Each solution is fully tested on vehicles from our premium partners.

Fiat 500 Electro

Development software code for Continental EMS2xxx

We are pleased to inform Ford fans with engines EcoBoost, that we have developed solutions for chip tuning and flexible tuning of motors with control units Continental EMS2302, Continental EMS2510 and Continental EMS2513 with processor Tricore TC1791. Our developments allow you to achieve impressive results and will not leave indifferent owners of these cars.

ECU Continental EMS2510

Software development for Continental DL800

We got our hands on the transmission control unit Continental DL800, powered by VAG engines CMPA, CSPA and CSPB. ECU Design Team could not help but take advantage of this case.
…we disassembled software code and developed a detailed package of maps that allows flexible adjustment of all transmission modes.

TCM Continental DL800

Software solutions for Bosch MG1CP002

We continue to study and work with software control unit Bosch MG1CP002 with powerfull 32-bit SPC5777 processor. This control unit is fitted to the new Mercedes engines in-line 6-cylinder hybrid (OM256), used in AMG line. And we are pleased to announce that we have tested ready-made chiptuning solutions that allow you to remove all restrictions from motor and get a tremendous increase in power.

ECU Bosch MG1CP002

You can get all our solutions in ECU Design file service that does not require registration.

Software development for Bosch MD1CP032 and Bosch MG1CS024

Thanks to a new feature provided by programmer manufacturers that allows working with control units with 32-bit processors Aurix TC299TP and Aurix TC298, ECU Design Team are ready to offer our customers tested solutions for chiptuning cars Toyota and BMW with engine B58B30, Rolls Royce with engine N74B68 governed by ECU Bosch MG1CS024 and diesel engine BMW X5 (G05) 25d (231Hp) governed by ECU Bosch MD1CP032. Our unique developments in area of ​​changing emission standards and chiptunig show amazing results and have been tested on cars of our premium partners.
We also want to note that we have developed chiptuning solutions for taiwanese cars VIN FAST with BMW N20B20 engines running control units Bosch MG1CS088 with an Aurix TC298 processor.

Aurix processor

Development software code for Delphi DCM7.1A

Finally in the DCM line of manufacturer of electronic control units Delphi, appeared a control unit with our beloved Aurix TC297 processor. DCM 7.1A control unit instaled to 2 liter DW10 diesel engines of PSA concern.
ECU Design Team are ready to offer any solution for this motor: chiptuning any complexity, change in toxicity standards, removal of all restrictions. We are currently continuing the development of this control unit and are working on a solution to disable the immobilizer.

ECU Delphi DCM7.1A